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It’s earned numerous awards and was named 8th in a 1996 poll of Memotech MTX512 ROM games the top 50 RPG games available. doesn’t actually reinvent the wheel, following the same template set by its forerunners. However, the addition of special abilities makes gameplay more interesting and challenging at times.

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In older games, you’re expected to dodge projectiles and enemies on rails, using a less responsive device. Analog sticks were not included on controllers, leaving D-pad controls to do the job.

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Previously featuring as a pinball, Kirby is now the golf ball, who’s smacked into familiar enemies around a course. series is known for an infuriating level of difficulty, which you may find refreshing if you like a challenge.

Much like the price of SNES games, difficulty varies greatly from one game title to another. It’s exactly the same with modern games, though many old titles do seem trickier. There are some valid reasons that this could be the case. At its core, this is a golf game, though with far more character and color than you’d expect. Kirby makes for an interesting character that can be put to numerous uses in games like these.

This is a cyberpunk title, with a story that breaks away from overdone tropes associated with the RPG genre. The game features varied backdrops, interesting character dialogue, and a deep progression system throughout. Though nineties gamers may have missed out on a classic, the recent accolades should spur you to try this out. shifted a total of just 5 copies, but has since gained a cult following around the world.

Death is permanent, and Nintendo even removed the classic Konami Code cheat that gives infinite lives. The level design is cleverly unique and offers some innovative mechanics that were well ahead of their time.

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