Community Opportunities and Enhancements Program. Project Explanation

Community Opportunities and Enhancements Program. Project Explanation

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The Community Opportunities and Enhancements Program (COEP) is City of Portland technique to increase variety and equity in construction contracting. The objectives associated with COEP are to boost the true amount of people of color and ladies in the trades and also to eliminate obstacles for construction companies owned by folks of color and women in order to effectively take part in general general general general public contracting. This program is funded by a 1% set-aside of qualified expenses on all City-owned improvement that is public. The COEP will provide workforce development and business technical assistance to accomplish its goals through a series of grants.

Not far off: resources for people looking for work and business people. Prosper Portland and Worksystems will work aided by the after effective RFP respondents to produce solution agreements. To stay as much as date, subscribe for e-mail updates.

Workforce Developing

Central City Concern

Oregon Tradeswomen (consortium with Constructing Hope, Portland YouthBuilders and POIC)

Urban League of Portland

Company Technical Assistance

Nationwide Association of Minority Contractors-Oregon

Expert Company Developing Group

Urban League of Portland

In line with the next 5 years of prepared public tasks over $15 million, the workforce that is current just:

This shows a critical have to train more females and folks of color whenever we are to attain the reported workforce variety objectives in the area.

Program Design

Within the last several years, there is stakeholder that is substantial, focus groups and reporting pertaining to construction workforce and company help. We’ll continue steadily to count on the expertise of community and construction stakeholders and obtain feedback that is ongoing enhancement once we function about what we’ve learned and deploy resources through the COEP. The reports utilized in COEP grant system design identified these concepts:

  • Transparent and constant investment that is long-term local tasks may help employees and organizations remain engaged and expand their ability to take part on future tasks
  • Technical support would assist M/W/DBE subcontractors to be much more effective
  • Assets are required to retain individuals of color and feamales in the trades
  • Extra pre-apprenticeship training course capability is necessary to meet up with the 5-year need

The COEP system design includes four focus areas that align with suggestions identified into the reports (see guide, below):

Company Technical Assistance

Help contractors with putting in a bid and calculating, managing income, task administration, trade/skills, bonding and insurance coverage, workforce administration and City computer software and procedures

Outreach and Recruitment of Diverse Workers

Increase outreach to and recruitment of men and women of color and ladies into certified pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship, and provide aids to eliminate obstacles to involvement

Pre-Apprenticeship Training for Diverse Workers

Increase outreach to and recruitment of men and women of color and females into certified apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship, and provide aids to eliminate obstacles to involvement

Retention of Existing Workers (Apprentices and Journey Workers)

Support diverse workers within their job development through mentoring, networking, help solutions and efforts to fully improve jobsite tradition

  • Minority Contractor Participation Equity Committee Report (12/18)
  • C2P2 (Estolano LeSar Advisors, 2018)
    • Public Holder Workgroup Stage 1 Summary
    • Overview of work need interviews
    • Overview of training course interviews
  • Portland Metro Area Construction Workforce Marketplace Research (WSI, Metro, 7/18)
  • Requirements Assessment (Synergy Resources Group, 6/18)
  • Inclusive Procurement And Contracting (Emerald Cities, Policy Link, 3/18)
  • CBA Pilot Evaluation Report (Framework LLC, 5/16)
  • Report on CBA Pilot jobs (CBA work Management Community Oversight Committee, 4/16)

Solicitation Process

  • Develop scopes of work and needs for Proposals
  • Develop assessment criteria
  • Recruit s election committee users


  • Problem RFPs (start for 4 months)
  • RFP Open Home
  • Selection c ommittee reviews proposals and makes suggestions
  • Alert p roposers of choice
  • Draft s provider that is ervice agreements
  • Execute s provider that is ervice agreements
  • Services start


(see an even more detail by detail history when you look at the below that is FAQ

Disparity Learn

Disparity research shows underutilization that is statistically significant of contractors owned by individuals of color and females on town construction projects

Metropolitan Alliance for Workforce Equity (MAWE) kinds

MAWE forms, develops the Model Community Benefits Agreement

Model CBA pilot starts

Model CBA pilot starts regarding the Kelly Butte Reservoir and Interstate Maintenance center jobs.

1% allocated

City Council directs allocation of just one% regarding the construction that is hard from Portland Building Reconstruction task for company and workforce help

Pilot Jobs

1% allocated from Washington Park and Yamhill Garage

Model CBA evaluation advises wider help for construction workforce and organizations

Community Equity and Inclusion Plans and CBA

City Council approves Community Equity and Inclusion Plans and Community pros Agreements, directs staff to produce COEP

City RFA

Pilot Project RFAs placed on hold so that you can develop wider COEP system

Construction Workforce Market Research is released

Construction Careers Pathway Project begins

Memorandum of Understanding

The town of Portland installment loans Alaska goes into into a Memorandum of Understanding (or contract) with Prosper Portland to build up and implement the COEP.

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